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Your gallbladder is a small organ, but it does big work by producing the bile you need to break down fat in your intestine. Gallbladder disorders cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms like abdominal pain, cramps, and heartburn. You don't have to live with it, though; experienced gastroenterologist Hyon Kang, DO, is ready to help at his practice, Gastroenterology Consultants of West Houston, PLLC, in Katy, Texas. Call the office or use the online scheduler to get the help you need today.

Gallbladder Disorders Q & A

What does the gallbladder do in my body?

Your gallbladder stores bile that's produced by your liver and secretes it as needed into your small intestine. The bile helps break down fat, so it's essential for your digestion. 

What are the signs that I have a gallbladder disorder?

Gallbladder disorders can cause a number of problems, such as:

  • Stomach cramps or pain
  • Jaundice 
  • Gas
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Jaundice 
  • Pale stools

Some gallbladder disorders, like gallstones, don't necessarily cause obvious symptoms. But, the symptoms can be quite severe in other cases.

What are some common gallbladder disorders?

There are many gallbladder disorders. Some of the most common are:


Gallstones happen when cholesterol, calcium, or other components of your bile stick together to create small stones. The stones can be inside your gallbladder or in the tubes connected to your liver and small intestine.


Cholecystitis is gallbladder inflammation. It often causes pain in the upper center part of your abdomen, usually right after eating. This condition happens in bouts. If you have multiple instances of cholecystitis, it could become chronic. This may cause gallbladder shrinkage, which may mean your gallbladder isn't able to store and secrete bile anymore.


If you have gallstones that get stuck in the passages between the liver, gallbladder, and small intestine, it causes bile backup. This can lead to inflammation or gallbladder swelling. 

Acalculous gallbladder disease

Acalculous gallbladder disease is gallbladder inflammation, but in this disorder, it's not caused by gallstones. The cause might be another medical condition.

There are many other gallbladder disorders, including gallbladder polyps, abscesses, and gangrene. Dr. Kang performs a physical exam, reviews your symptoms, and then performs diagnostic imaging or another test to determine the reason for your gallbladder issues.

How are gallbladder disorders treated?

Dr. Kang designs personalized gallbladder disorder treatment plans based on your specific condition, symptoms, and preferences. Often, losing weight if you're overweight and making dietary changes can help with milder gallbladder disorders. You might also need anti-inflammatory or pain medication short term. 

If conservative treatments aren't successful, you might need a cholecystectomy, surgery to remove your gallbladder. If you need this surgery, don’t worry; you can live without your gallbladder. 

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