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Colon cancer rates have dropped in the United States in recent years for one main reason: colonoscopies, a reliable form of colon cancer screening, are now much more common. With a colonoscopy at Gastroenterology Consultants of West Houston, PLLC in Katy, Texas, board-certified gastroenterologist Hyon Kang, DO, can detect the earliest signs of colon cancer, so you can take immediate steps to stay healthy. Book your appointment online today or call the office to speak with a team member directly.

Colonoscopy Q & A

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a colon cancer test in which Dr. Kang views your colon (large intestine) using a colonoscope. If Dr. Kang finds polyps during your colonoscopy, he can remove them at that time to prevent colon cancer. Colonoscopies are typically outpatient procedures that Dr. Kang performs at a surgical center or hospital. 

What is colonoscopy prep like?

Dr. Kang gives you the preparation guidelines before your procedure. Usually, you'll use a prescribed enema or laxative to clean your bowels out a day or two before the colonoscopy. This allows for the clearest view of your colon during the procedure.

You'll typically also follow a clear liquid diet before your colonoscopy. If you're currently taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications, Dr. Kang may tell you to stop taking it temporarily before your colonoscopy.

What is the colonoscopy process?

You'll be sedated for the colonoscopy, which means you'll likely sleep through the whole procedure. During the colonoscopy, you’ll lay on your side, with your knees pulled up. Dr. Kang inserts a colonoscope — a thin, highly flexible tube with a camera and light — into your anus. 

The colonoscope's camera relays live images to a monitor nearby, where Dr. Kang can examine them in detail. Dr. Kang moves the instrument slowly through your rectum and colon to examine all areas. 

Dr. Kang can also capture still images, take tissue samples for biopsy, and remove polyps if needed during your colonoscopy. The procedure typically takes about 30-60 minutes.

What is colonoscopy recovery like?

Recovery is generally quite smooth. A friend or family member must drive you home because you’ll be drowsy for a short time until your sedation wears off. You might experience cramping or bloating for about an hour after your colonoscopy. 

You can resume normal eating habits that day in most cases but might need to follow a special diet if Dr. Kang removed one or more polyps during your colonoscopy. You can typically return to work the next day. 

When performed by a gentle and experienced gastroenterologist like Dr. Kang, a colonoscopy is nothing to fear. Take action against colon cancer by scheduling your colonoscopy online or by phone now.