Surviving the Holidays When You Have IBS

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It’s hard to look forward to the holiday season when you have a digestive disorder like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). That’s because it’s hard to have a good time when you’re constantly worried about cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhea, or constipation — especially when you’re away from home. But, you don’t have to let IBS control your life. 

At Gastroenterology Consultants of West Houston, PLLC, Dr. Hyon S. Kang can help diagnose your specific digestive disorder and get your IBS symptoms under control. If you have IBS, Dr. Kang recommends following these simple steps to keep your holidays merry all season long. 

Have an IBS plan

It's not a big surprise that a plan can help you avoid disaster. But, it’s even more crucial if you have IBS. During the holidays, advanced planning includes always having a small meal or snack before leaving home and finding the bathroom as soon as you arrive at your destination. 

Not only do these strategies help you avoid overindulging in foods that can trigger symptom flare-ups, but they also ensure you can find a bathroom quickly if you experience gastrointestinal distress.

Of course, even with the best planning, accidents can still happen. As part of your IBS plan, always carry medications that relieve your symptoms, a change of clothing and underwear, cleansing cloths, and a garbage bag for any soiled items.

Watch what you eat

The exact cause of IBS isn’t known, but several factors can trigger your symptoms, especially certain foods. To avoid causing a flare-up, you have to understand which foods exacerbate your condition so you can steer clear of them. These items might include:

The easiest way to play it safe during the holidays is by eating beforehand or carrying a few IBS-friendly foods along, which make it easier to avoid temptation.

Drink plenty of water

If you have IBS, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is water. But, remaining properly hydrated is an important aspect of managing your symptoms. Water plays a vital role in the digestive process by keeping your stools soft and easy to pass. And, if you have diarrhea, drinking water helps replace lost fluid and reduces your risk of dehydration.

Drinking water can also help you avoid beverages like caffeine or alcohol. While they may seem like a fun way to celebrate, they can also cause your symptoms to flare up.

Remember to relax and enjoy yourself!

In addition to food, stress is also a key trigger of IBS symptoms. And, stress can be at its highest during the holiday season. To keep yourself calm and relaxed no matter how high tensions run, Dr. Kang recommends practicing stress-busting practices, such as:

You can also create relaxing moments by taking a hot bath or drinking a soothing cup of herbal tea. It’s also essential to know your own limits, so take time away from the hustle and bustle of the season when needed.

Taking these steps can help you survive the holidays and enjoy the season, even when you live with IBS.

To learn more about IBS treatment, schedule an appointment by calling 281-729-5758 or booking online today. 

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